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We take delight to introduce you to our cooperative and hope to satisfy all your needs. The cooperative CAMJACPROMCO LTD (CAMEROON JATROPHA CULTIVATORS, PRODUCERS, AND MARKETERS COOPERATIVE LTD) was created in 2012.

We believe in continuous improvement and as we pursue our quest of excellence, endeavouring to exceed customer expectations. We have a professional accolade of over 30 dedicated men and women who service our growing clientele throughout our network daily.

Being an emerging cooperative, CAMJACPROMCO LTD manoeuvred from only dealing with food crops to cash crops trade and spread its wings beyond its area of origin.

MAARIJ Foundation for Peace and Development (MFPD) is providing services in African countries. in the field of human rights as well as socioeconomic development and has a current consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ... As a partner of (CAMJACPROMCO) MFPD promotes equitable development through landownership for agriculture from a human rights perspective and cooperate social responsibility. In doing so, MFPD creates awareness on land grabbing as a threat to local farmers and communities. While used broadly throughout history, land grabbing primarily refers to large-scale land acquisitions following the 2007-2008 world food price crisis. With fears of food security within the developed world and newfound economic opportunities for agricultural investors and speculators, the food price crisis caused a dramatic spike in large-scale agricultural investments, primarily by foreign companies, for the purposes of food and biofuels production. Initially hailed by investors and some developing countries as a new pathway towards agricultural development, some of the investments in where criticized by a number of civil society, governmental, and multinational actors for the various negative impacts that it has had on local communities. When ineffective legal, political and institutional processes permit large-scale land acquisition to the detriment of local communities, local communities suffer economically and socially from dispossession of land and natural resources and also of opportunities for socio-economic developments that are possible with when best bra. MFPD promotes equitable partnership between local and international partners to boost agriculture, and supports local farmers to gain access to services and international resources to boost production.

Our Mission

As a Cooperative, we endeavour to incorporate world class standards, professionalism, consistency in the production, and marketing of superior quality farm products, satisfying customers and members expectations while adapting to our business environment through innovation, and implementing global marketing strategies.

Created in 2012

This cooperative society is governed by the provisions of law N o 92/006/PM of August 14 th 1992 and its decree of implementation N o 92/455/PM of 23 rd November 1992. The cooperative society began with less than 10 members, but, through good leadership and good service quality, we’ve been able to attract potential supporters of our vision.

Our Goal

Provide 100000 young rural farmers with solutions to present and future needs in Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

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